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Cyberstar has its products in operation all around the world, in industrial factories as well as in research and development laboratories.
After reorientation or stopping a program a customer should be willing to sell an old machine.
Residual value of an old Cyberstar machine is always high, and even after misuse or neglect, it can be retrofitted and set back in operation.
Cyberstar commits itself to make its best effort to sell it again.

By extension

We are happy to extend the use of these pages to any instrument related to crystal growth regardless their make.
So if you want to sell something, please, send us an E-mail or a fax with the following informations :

Your name.
Name of your company or laboratory.
Phone number.
Type and description of machine, furnace or equipment, with date of purchase.
If possible, a digitl picture of the material.

From your information, we will set up for you, free of changes, an add to be published in this page.



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