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Photovoltaic multicrystal furnaces
Parc Sud Galaxie
1, rue des Tropiques - BP 344
38435 ECHIROLLES Cedex - France
60 kg solar grade silicon test polycrystal.
250 kg gradient freeze crystallization furnace.
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Pictures shown :

Top : ......250 kg gradient freeze crystallization furnace.
Bottom : 60 kg multicrystalline ingot grown from solar grade silicon.

Cyberstar manufactures a large range of photovoltaic (PV) silicium (SI) furnaces, with capability from 60 kg up to 650 kg.

Caracteristics of the Cyberstar photovoltaic (PV) silicium (SI) furnaces:

Benefits and features:
Top and bottom MF heating systems.
Very rugged graphite susceptors.

By comparison to the « Casting » process, advantages are:
High flexibility and precision in the gradient control.
Faster growth time.
Easy annealing of the grown polycrystal under zero gradient.
Easy loading and unloading of the crucible.
Careful analysis in terms of safety of the working conditions.
Nearly zero down time.
High yield, optimized throughput.
Horizontal scale independent process (these furnaces are able to work
........equally well with any size of crucible; as an example the 60 kg furnace
........can operate with either four independent 12 kg crucibles or one 12 kg
........crucible without process modification).
........For the same reason, the 650 kg furnace can be loaded with GEN5 and
........GEN6 crucibles without any modification.
Operating with traditional crucibles or Cyberstar-Apollon Solar
........anisotropic crucibles (transparent bottom).
Small size for factory space saving.