Mirror furnace
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Mirror furnace, ellipsoids and chamber close view


The combination of two lamps and two reflectors has been optimised by means of ray tracing simulations for a full efficiency of the furnace.
Reflectors consist of two ellipsoids made of an aluminium alloy polished and plated, by a layer of gold, for enhanced reflectivity and corrosion resistance. Heating sources are commercial low-price halogen lamps that are easy to replace. They are mounted on a stage allowing X-Y-Z translations and phi - theta rotations for fine tuning of the light concentration. The resulting molten volume of the sample is approximately 5 mm long for a diameter of 5 mm and temperature as high as 2400°C can be reached with two 2 kW lamps.


The sample is enclosed in a quartz tube, which extends through the ellipsoid mirrors assembly. The tube protects the reflective mirror walls from evaporating sample compounds and allows various types of atmospheres : vacuum, inert gas, reductive and oxidizing atmospheres.
The two sample rods enter the chamber through sealing devices creating a tight barrier to prevent gas leaks. The chamber can be pumped down to 10-4 Torr and work up to 10 bars (option). For vacuum stations see building blocks.


This machine is perfectly suitable to grow at a low price (no crucible) any kind of crystals (oxide, fluoride, metallic alloys) for research or raw material testing.



Mirror furnace, overall picture
Pictures shown :

Top : .....Mirror furnace, overall picture.
Bottom : Mirror furnace, ellipsoids and chamber close view.

By means of mirrors to concentrate power coming from a radiating source, it is possible to reach in a limited volume, very high temperatures.
Furnaces using this technique are called mirror furnaces.
Different geometries are possible. Cyberstar uses for this furnace the very popular conjugate ellipsoids topology. Radiation sources are placed on each of the independent focuses and light is concentrated at the common focus.
As it can be seen on the overall picture, the machine is equipped with two translation mechanisms. The upper is set above ellipsoids and carry the isostatic pressed starting material. The lower is set below ellipsoids and moves the single crystal seed. In a typical growth run, a pendent droplet is made by moving the starting material down to the hot zone and the seed is moved up. When it touches the droplet and the thermal equilibrium is found, both translations are moved down synchronously at the crystallization speed like in the floating zone technique. It allows the growth of crystals without crucible.
This machine is equipped with the outstanding Cyberstar translation and rotation units (building blocks).

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New !!!

The first one was delivered in September 2013

High temperature up to 3000°C

Maximum operating gas pressure: 100 bars