manufactures and sells four models of crystal growth equipments able to grow sapphire crystals using the Kyropoulos method. Standard heating method is inductive but it can also be provided resistive heating elements.

Oxypuller 20-04: for sapphire single crystals up to 100 mm diameter and 130 mm length.

Oxypuller 30-06: for sapphire single crystals up to 150 mm diameter and 300 mm length.

Oxypuller 30-08: for sapphire single crystals up to 200 mm diameter and 350 mm length.

Oxypuller 30-10: for sapphire single crystals up to 250 mm diameter and 400 mm length.

The same furnace is able to grow sapphire crystals using Kyropoulos, Czochralski and EFG methods with obviously the appropriate thermal setup (hot zone) and control software which differ for each method.
This industrial furnace is designed for growing 250 mm diameter and 80 kg sapphire crystals (along a and c axis
Parc Sud Galaxie
1, rue des Tropiques - BP 344
38435 ECHIROLLES Cedex - France
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