High pressure Czochralski puller

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Czochralski puller for III - V compounds
....Operating pressure up to 100 bars
....Crystal size up to 4"
....Graphite heater
....Weighing device up to 20 kg
....Automatic diameter control.

offers a very powerful Czochralski high pressure crystal puller with the capability of producing up to 20 kg single crystals under controlled high pressure.

This machine is highly suitable for production of III-V compound semiconductor crystals, e.g. GaAs, InP and InSb, by means of the high pressure liquid encapsulated Czochralski (HPLEC) crystal growth method.

It is fully computerized to give optimum control of the growth process, maximum yield and requires minimum supervision.

The progress of a crystal growth run can be continuously monitored in real time thanks to a complete layout of the different key parameters and of corresponding target data of the program. As the result of a careful electronic and mechanical design and an original signal processing technique, the process loop control is highly stable. These unique features help to produce well controlled, dislocation free single crystals.
To minimize vibrations of the heating resistance, the machine is supplied by a DC 25 kW power stage.

For monitoring the process, it is useful to measure temperatures close to the crucible. Thermocouples hence are rotating. The usual method is to output these signals using rotating contacts. This technique is neither precise nor reliable. For this reason, Cyberstar designed a more dependable contactless two channels thermocouples signal transmission line.

The chamber is double wall, stainless steel water cooled.
Top and bottom lids are secured by a single bolt fast clamps. This configuration is safe and gets ride of multiple screws which are usually time consuming and tedious to handle. One view port is provided; it allows a direct view to the growth meniscus through an optical quartz light guide and an alumina window.
All these elements are CE approved and computed following all the usual international standard codes (ASME, ...).

Connected to the chamber is a large 40 mm diameter through hole, water cooled ball valve. It allows to rapidly and efficiently pump down the chamber.
The pumping station is equipped with primary and secondary turbo molecular pumps. The neutral gas chamber refilling distribution has all the necessary features and interlocks needed for a safe and easy operation.
Two powerful elevators are installed in the frame, they are used to operate the machine. With this configuration, it is easy to handle separately the top lid and the chamber cylinder. Fully opened the top lid moves to the left side and the chamber moves to the right side. This way, the thermal set up is entirely accessible without obstruction. Then each element can be very easily cleaned.
The pulling and crucible rods enter the high pressure chamber through especially developed high life expectancy seals. They are either vacuum and pressure tight.

On the other hand, this machine is equipped with the outstanding building blocks direct drive translation, rotation units and highly sensitive weighing devices making the Cyberstar machine unique with specifications not yet matched by any of our competitors.



Czochralski puller for III - V compounds
Parc Sud Galaxie
1, rue des Tropiques - BP 344
38435 ECHIROLLES Cedex - France
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