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Belt type high temperature (1025°C) high pressure (80 kbar), hydraulic press.
Built under a licence from the "Centre de la Recherche Scientifique, laboratoire de Cristallographie" Grenoble, France.

Cyberstar manufactures high pressure equipments able to crystallize materials at high temperature when submitted to uniaxial or isostatic high pressure.


This apparatus uses a hydraulic cylinder (700 bar) to generate isostatic high pressure (80 kbar) via mechanical action against a high pressure vessel, belt type or multi-anvil (on request).

The standard belt type vessel consists of 3 parts which are mounted individually on 3 horizontal arms rotating around a common hinge. This configuration allows an easy manipulation of the vessels without the need for an additional lift. Pressure chamber and anvils are made of tungsten carbide.

Design of the frame allows installation of two different high pressure vessels on either side of the press.
The micro-furnace inside the high pressure cell can be heated up to 1250°C by a 5 kW, DC switching power supply (600 A - 7.5 V).

The system can be easily connected to a PC computer, so during an experiment it allows a straight forward control of pressure/temperature cycles and these parameters are recorded continuously.

The true pressure inside the cell is calibrated from the phase transition of a well known standard material and from the related value read on a pressure gauge placed in the hydraulic circuit.
The same way, temperature is calibrated via a thermocouple after a preliminary experiment. Calibration points obtained are then correlated to power supplied to the furnace.

Hydraulics and utilities
The clean and silent hydraulic station allows this equipment to be installed in an ordinary laboratory.
It is, however important to check that the floor is able to support the weight of the press (2000 kg). The machine requires a three phase 400 V - 50/60 Hz electrical power supply with neutral and ground connections.
The power requirement is 10 kVA. Water cooling and compressed air are needed.

Safety aspects
A hydraulic safety device is used to switch off the instrument in case of either an over pressure or sharp pressure variations.
Applied pressure can be maintained or not, in case of either a power failure or an alarm.

Pressure vessels
The machine is supplied with a 80 kbar, 1250°C maximum temperature vessel.

New oxides having magnetic and electronic properties.
High TC super conducting materials such as mercury cuprates and cupro carbonates.
Giant magneto resistive materials.
Diamond and cubic boron nitrides.
Intermetallic compounds, hydrides and carbides.


Cyberstar also manufactures inside the same proven frame, uniaxial press up to 300 tons.
In these machines the material to be processed is squeezed between two heavy blocks of stainless steel and alumina. They are surrounded by a 1300°C furnace.
A very precise proportional hydraulic valve supplies the oil cylinder. It is feedback controlled through the use of a load cell.
The 60 tons model can be easily programmed by 3 kg increments. Temperature and pressure can be controlled by a PC computer. It allows generation of sophisticated combinations for optimum process monitoring.
Operators are perfectly protected by safety doors fitted with inhibition switches.

This machine is adapted for making ceramics of various materials.
During the process a transducer (± 0.01 mm), continuously monitors positions of the oil cylinder.
It allows an efficient monitoring of the sample dimension during sintering and phase transitions.



Belt type high temperature (1025°C) high pressure (80 kbar), hydraulic press
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