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The Cyberstar X2000 is a modern detection system consisting of a fast scintillation detector and a pulse processing unit with a maximum throughput of 3.106 counts/second at 10 keV. It has been designed for use as a general purpose detector on synchrotron beam lines and is particularly appropriate for measuring the scattered beam in diffraction experiments. These detector systems are installed, world wide, mainly at Synchrotron Radiation Facilities. An optional communication board can be provided to enable remote control of the Cyberstar X2000 by a host computer (PC or workstation) through a serial link (RS232). A network of up to 16 detectors can be configured, requiring only one serial port on the host computer. Special arrays of detectors in one housing can also be supplied on request.


The detector unit consists of seven main components :the scintillator, photomultiplier, housing, connectors, voltage divider, preamplifier and cables.

The standard scintillator is a Thallium activated Nal type with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. Other scintillators are available on request (e.g. BGO, BaF2, Csl, Csl (Tl), plastic, YAP, Lacl3 etc...). At a 3% counting loss the typical counting rate is 300.000 cps for Na I(Tl), 1 000 000 cps for YaP and LaCl3
Other main specifications are :
detector aperture from 6 to 32 mm Ø,
0.2 mm Beryllium window (Aluminium, laminated mylar or kapton available),
background noise below 0.2 cps at 5 KeV (Nal (Tl)).

The housing is precisely machined from Aluminium alloy. Depending upon aperture, dimensions are Ø 12.5 to 48 mm by 140 mm long. 'O' rings are used for light tightness and the construction has µ metal shielding.

The connectors are of two types : Lemo ERA size zero for the high voltage Amphenol 17DMW for the signal and low voltage. Other connectors can be supplied on request.

The provided cables are of a standard 5 m length. Non standard lengths can be provided as an option.

The preamplifier has the following properties :
output impedance of 50 Ohm
gain bandwidth product of 180 MHz
slew rate of 2,000 V/µs
short circuit protection
attached directly to the dynode chain for low noise and improved speed; (for smaller Ø, a match box size
....... preamplifier is inserted in the signal cables).

The photomultiplier specifications are :
10 mm Ø for 12.5 Ø housing up to 38 mm Ø for 48 Ø housing
bialkali photocathode, adapted to the Nal (Tl) scintillation wavelength
10 dynode structure
gain of 106 typically
anode signal rise time 2.8 ns.
other photomultipliers on request.

Non standard fabrication
A highly modular fabrication process allows non standard detector to be made at low cost.



Top : Ø 48 mm detector heads with preamplifier, Right : 19 inches rack with rate meter, Left : double Nim unit
Picture shown :

Top :. Ø 48 mm detector heads with preamplifier
Right : 19 inches rack with rate meter
Left : ..double Nim unit

Cyberstar manufactures for detection of X and gamma rays radiations :
Fast scintillation detectors(X2000)
Ionisation chambers (IC plus)
The related electronics
These instruments are promoted and sold worldwide by FMB Oxford.

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