Customized furnace and crystal growth equipments
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1, rue des Tropiques - BP 344
38435 ECHIROLLES Cedex - France
Fast annealing, graphite heater, 1500°C max 150°C/min, vacuum and argon atmosphere

Picture shown :

Fast annealing, graphite heater, 1500°C max 150°C/min, vacuum
... and argon atmosphere.

Cyberstar manufactures custom furnaces and crystal growth equipments. If you have a special need, please send us an E-mail, or a fax, with the most data as possible, without to forget the following informations :

About you :
Your name.
Name of your company or laboratory.
Phone number.
Your adress.

About the equipment :
Type of application,
Heating method (infrared, resistive, middle or high frequency),
Maximum heating or cooling speed,
Topology of the furnace (vertical, horizontal, other...),
Maximum working temperature,
Useful hot zone size,
Internal temperature profile for each zone give temperature, length, ± tolerance,
Type of material to be heated,
Size of the part to be heated,
Type of crystal,
Maximum diameter expected,
Melting point,
Movements (rotation, translation),
Speed ranges for rotation and translation,
Vacuum (Y/N) minimum pressure to be reached,
Vacuum station : primary, secondary diffusion or turbo moleculor pump,
Pumping speed,
Maximum internal pressure,
Ball or mass flow meters and how many,
Special requests, please specify,
Expected over all dimensions,
Type of environment (pressure, moisture, water, maximum temperature...).

Please, do not forget to specify the units you use (mm, inch, degree Cor F,...) Just for a better understanding, an hand sketch is always useful.



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