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Split Compton suppression BGO detector

Picture shown :

Split Compton suppression BGO detector.
Four two inches phototubes, four optically independent BGO segments. Side and back catcher capability.
Thin walls in the vertical junction plan for maximum efficiency and minimum loss.

Cyberstar has the unique ability to manufacture low cost customized detectors.
If you have a special need, please send us an E-mail, or a fax, with the most data as possible, without to forget the following informations :

About you :
Your name, Name of your company or laboratory, your E-mail, phone number, adress.

About the individual detectors :
Type of application,
Minimum energy to be detected,
Maximum energy to be detected,
Maximum counting rate,
Type of scintillator,
Quantity of scintillator,
Quantity of optically isolated crystals,
For single channel detectors, scintillator dimensions,
For anti-Comptons, internal well diameter,
For anti-comptons, internal wall thickness,
External dimensions of your high purity Ge detector including the liquid Nitrogen tank, please Fax or E-mail
....... a precise sketch,
Preamplifier included (Y/N),
High voltage (HV) connectors on phototubes (BNC, HV, SHV, Lemo size O, other),
Signal connectors on phototubes (BNC, Lemo size OO),
Quantity of HV or signal connectors per phototube,
Dynode output,
Cables if necessary length ?,
HV supply side, type of connector on HV cable,
Reading instrument side, type of connector on signal cable,
Polarity on voltage dividers (+/-),
HV distribution box (Y/N),
Type of external environment (pressure, moisture, water.....),
Expected detector overall dimensions,

Do not forget to specify the units you use (mm, inch, etc...) Just for a better understanding, an hand sketch is always useful.


If you need a special array of detectors :
Specify individual detectors as above.
Then place each detector in a spherical framework (Radius, theta, phi).
Always consider the incident beam as the reference axis.
Thanks to send us your table of nubers and, if possible, a rough scheme.



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