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The silicon single crystal is known by the public as to be the active constituent used in manufacturing integrated circuits, solid state memories and microprocessors.

In fact many other crystals are also used as key materials in other applications such as :
range finding,
passive devices for electronics,
signal processing,
infrared detection,
X and gamma ray detection for high energy and nuclear physics,
scanners for medicine,

For 40 years, the production of these crystals has increased steadily by 10 % per year and the number of applications and materials in commercial use has been increasing also continuously. The very first application of crystallization (back to 2500 BC) was the purification of salt. The first commercial development (jewellery) of an oxide crystal came when A. Vermeuil (1902) developed his famous flame fusion method for growing Ruby.

Then came :
hydrothermal growth (1908),
Czochralski method (1918),
Bridgman method (1925),
Stockbarger method (1936).

The most industrial techniques are called oriented crystal growth (Czochralski, Bridgman) as in these methods a seed (a preoriented small crystal) initiates the growth in a predefined direction.

As a major company making crystal growth instruments, Cyberstar masters all these techniques and is able to offer exceptional machines for all the various methods used in laboratories and industries.

For a tutorial reading on crystal growth chemistry and methods we recommend the book written by :
J.C. Brice - Crystal growth processes - Blackie Halsted Press.
D.T.J. Hurle - Handbook of crystal growth - 1994 North Holland
.........2a : Bulk crystal growth, basic techniques
.........2b : growth mechanisms and dynamics.



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