CYBERSTAR profile and know - how
109 Rue Hilaire de Chardonnet
38100 GRENOBLE - France
Beside these general skills Cyberstar has three main fields of excellence :
furnaces, crystal growth equipments, X and gamma ray detectors and related electronics

Since the beginning, Cyberstar has been designing and manufacturing reliable and cost effective crystal growth equipments like Czochralski, Bridgman, floating zone, liquid phase epitaxy and, mirror furnaces (infrared or laser heating).
Our crystal growth machines are well known for their outstanding reliability and performance in many R&D laboratories and industrial companies. Some of our customers have already grown more than thousands of crystals with our machines.

These machines are able to operate under controlled partial pressures of oxygen and inert gas, under vacuum, at high temperature. They can be fully computerized for an optimum control of the process giving a maximum yield and requiring minimum supervision. A unique and powerful automatic diameter control is included in the control software of our Czochralski pullers (Oxypullers).

Cyberstar also markets some of the building elements of its standard crystal growth machines like translation units, rotation units, chambers, pulling heads. With these elements, it is very easy to build a customized growth station or improve an existing machine.

For high reliability and extremely smooth motion, our movements are directly driven and are equipped only with servo-motors fitted with torque or torque mode motors. It avoids all known drawbacks of mechanical clutch and reducing gears. This technical solution offers many advantages :
vibrations are kept at an extremely low level for better crystallization,
as a result life expectancy of our motors is drastically increased and no spare parts are needed.

In an other field but still involving crystals, fine mechanics and electronics, Cyberstar is the leading company for manufacturing anti-Compton detectors devoted to nuclear physics experiments.
Cyberstar supplied :
almost hundred per cent of the Euroball/Eurogam detectors,
anti-Comptons and internal sphere of the Gasp detector in Legnaro - Italy,
40 % of the gammasphere detector (USA),
all the 24 symmetrical detectors for Afrodite (South Africa),
plus numerous detectors made for various universities and research centers around the world.

Call for collaborations

New products and development
We continuously study new products to improve the quality of our offer.
These developments are made in house and/or through collaborations with research and development laboratories.

We are mainly interested by new techniques in :
crystal growth instruments,
X and gamma rays detection or new applications.

If you have developed something new, it could be interesting for our company, fell free to send us an E-mail with a quick description of what you would like to transfer.



Cyberstar Headquarters
Cyberstar is a share company and was created in 1986 by Dr. F. Lissalde and B. Delagenière. It is a multidisciplinary high tech company able to master all together many different disciplines like :

fine mechanics
computer science
control software

Technological challenges encountered in research and industry are familiar to
Cyberstar and studied thanks to the unusual skill of its staff.
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