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 High pressure ball valve

Picture shown :

High pressure ball valve
Fully water cooled, high pressure ball valve
Max operating pressure : 100 bars
Vacuum tight, low leak
Internal diameter through hole : 40 mm
Easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Crystal or crucible translation unit

Torque or torque mode motor.
Direct drive, no gears, no clutch.
Vibration free.
Only one motor gives access to the full speed range.
This unique configuration is very simple and leads to an outstanding reliability.
Traveling length : from 150 mm up to 1000 mm.
Crystal growth translation speed : +/- 0 - 100 mm/hour (0.01 mm/hour resolution),
Fast translation speed : +/- 0 - 150 mm/minute (0.01 mm/minute resolution),
Motor torque : up to 2.3 N.m,
High efficiency (theorical 0.9) recirculating rollers or ball lead screws.
Lead screw pitch : 1 mm or 2 mm.
Lifting capability : up to 60 kg (single beam) and up to 250 kg (double beam configuration).
Absolute position transducer, resolution 0.01 mm, RS232 interface.
Electronic control unit :
.......... automatic (computer controlled) or manual (operator),
.......... resolution : 10-4 of the full scale,
.......... stability : 10-6 per °C of the room temperature variation.

Weighing device

Crystal or crucible weighing.
Weight sensor range from 5 to 100 kg.
Absolute sensitivity : 0.01 g (5 kg), 1 g (100 kg).
Communication : RS232 interface.
The weighing device is installed in a chamber machined out of a massive piece of aluminum for thermal homogeneity. It holds an adjustable mechanical safety feature to avoid overload. It is also designed to be vacuum tight when it is connected to the growth chamber through flexible bellows. This chamber is mounted vertically on the translation unit. The rotation motor is fixed under the weight sensor.

Rotation unit

For crystal or crucible.
Direct drive, no gears, no clutch
Torque motor up to 2.3 Nm.
For very high torque up to 100 Nm continuous, brushless motors and vibration free high quality gears box are
....... adopted.
High performance tachogenerator.
Oversized bearings.
Rotation speed : ± 0 -100 rpm (maximum speed to be defined on request).
Electronic unit :
.......... resolution : 10-3 of the full scale,
.......... stability : 10-4 per ºC of the room temperature variation.
Accelerated time dependant rotation sequences (ACRT) : sin, square, saw tooth...

Growth chamber

The most standard chambers are those shown in the Czochralski puller section. Many other sizes and shapes can be proposed and adapted to specific needs of customers.
All these chambers are air tight and can work under controlled atmosphere or vacuum (down to 10-6 torr without thermal set up inside).
In case of vertical chambers, top lid opening, Cyberstar provides elevators to give full access to the crystal and thermal set up.
Chambers can be made with various metal : 316 is standard, 904 or Monel on request.

Vaccum pump and gas handling

 We can propose any pumping station and chamber pressure control unit.
Standard : primary rotary and secondary turbo molecular or diffusion pump.
If necessary, the gas handling station is studied on request (purifier, mass flow meters, electromagnetic valves, distribution manifold..etc)
All the system can be controlled by a PC computer to allow monitoring and a better reproducibility of the process.

Electonic control system

 It allows full automation of the machine with automatic diameter control and data processing capabilities. The derivative of the weight being used as the set point (weight on request) : a full diameter control of the crystal from the start of the growth, just after seeding on, up to the end of the run is a key feature of our machines :
computer processor Pentium, MS/DOS and Windows,
graphic printer,
handheld manual remote control (for crystal translation/rotation and crucible translation/rotation).

Powers stages

Hüttinger, 5 to 15 kHz MF generators from 5 kW to more than 100 kW. IGBT power stage. 50/60 Hertz line
........extremely silent : noise figure below 55 db at 1 meter.
SCR (thyristors) controlled 50/60 Hz power stages up to 100 Kw, any voltage and/or current.
Switching DC power supplies up to 100 kW. This method to supply heating resistances is mandatory when a
....... very low level of vibration is required (high 50/60 Hz current in the earth magnetic field).

Power feed-through

For minimum power loss all our power MF or RF feed-through are coaxial and water cooled.
DC or 50/60 Hz feed-through are also water cooled.

Power induction coil

Any size on request.

Heating elements

Can be made of various material on request : Tantalum, Molybdenum, Tungsten, graphite or Kanthal ®.
The most usual insulators are :
alumina (felt or dense),
graphite (felt or dense),
zirconia (felt or dense).
Kanthal ® is a registered trademark from Kanthal A.B., Sweden.

High pressure ball valve

Machines made by Cyberstar are manufactured using a full set of building elements.
It allows our company to tailor machines on request.
It gives to our customers the unique possibility to assemble these elements on their own frame to make a new machine or to refurbish an old one.




Crucible lift mechanism (left) Crystal lift mechanism (center) Compact control electronic (right)
Picture shown :

Left : ... .Crucible lift mechanism
.................. (traveling length 150 mm)
Center : Crystal lift mechanism (traveling length 450 mm), weighing ...................device (full scale 10 kg) and crystal rotation motor
...................(torque 1.1 Nm),
Right : ..Compact control electronic
.................. to be connected to a PC computer.

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