Bridgman furnace
Three zones Bridgman vertical furnace (II - VI compounds)
Parc Sud Galaxie
1, rue des Tropiques - BP 344
38435 ECHIROLLES Cedex - France
Industrial four zones Bridgman vertical furnace (II - VI compounds)

Pictures shown :

Three zones Bridgman vertical furnace (II - VI compounds)
.... Useful internal diameter : 40 mm
.... Ampoule total travelling length : 600 mm
.... Maximum temperature : 1300°C
.... Maximum gradient in the adiabatic zone : 30°C/cm

Industrial four zones Bridgman vertical furnace (II - VI compounds)
....Useful internal diameter : 80 mm
....Ampoule total travelling length : 600 mm
....Maximun temperature : 1300°C
....Maximum gradient in the adiabatic zone : 10°C/cm.

For crystallizing various materials, Cd Te, Ca F2, Cyberstar can produce on customer specifications any kind of multi heating elements Bridgman furnaces with long "thermally flat" zones. With our technic it is possible to limit the number of independent controllers for a given temperature distribution. Up to a useful internal diameter of 500 mm our building blocks are sufficiently versatile to fulfill, after adjustment, almost any needs.

 For bigger furnaces we have the possibility to carry out numerical simulations. In this way, we can reduce the time needed for a new development. We can manufacture heating chambers of any size for crystals up to 200 kg. Frames are made of square welded steel tubes. They are very stable for vibrations free operation.

Our machines are provided with integrated powerful elevators for lifting chambers and/or handling crucibles and crystals when necessary. All other elements are standard and are shown in the Building blocks section.

They are mainly :
translation unit,
rotation unit,
electronic control system,
power stage,
power feed through and heating elements.

For monitoring a process, it is sometime useful to measure temperatures around an ampoule or a crucible. Thermocouples hence are rotating. A usual method is to output their signals using rotating contacts. This technique is neither precise nor reliable. For this reason, Cyberstar designed a more dependable contactless two channels thermocouples signal transmission. In case of special atmosphere we can also propose a bichromatic pyrometer.

All our machines are controlled by PC computers. Sofware are very flexible and user friendly. Any kind of translation, rotation, temperature programs can be made and especially if needed, accelerated crucible rotation (sine, saw tooth, square) are proposed on request.



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