Czochralski puller

Pictures shown :

Oxypuller 20-04 industrial puller.
Capability of producing single crystals up to 20 kg (chamber topology : vertical axis, front door opening)

Oxypuller 05-03 research and development puller.
Capability of producing single crystals up to 5 kg (chamber topology : horizontal axis, front door opening).

Also available :

Mini Oxypuller:
Capability of producing single crystals up to 300 g (chamber topology: horizontal axis, front door opening).

Oxypuller 20-04:
Capability of producing single crystals up to 100 mm diameter (chamber topology: vertical axis, front door opening).

Oxypuller 30-06:
Capability of producing single crystals up to 150 mm diameter (chamber topology: vertical axis, opening along an equatorial plane).

Oxypuller 30-08:
Capability of producing single crystals up to 200 mm diameter (chamber topology: vertical axis, opening along an equatorial plane).

Oxypuller 30-10:
Capability of producing single crystals up to 250 mm diameter (chamber topology: vertical axis, opening along an equatorial plane).

Cyberstar offers a full range of very powerful Czochralski (CZ) pullers with the capability of producing up to 100 kg single crystals under controlled partial pressures of oxygen and/or inert gas.

These machines were designed to produce various crystals of high quality and uniformity (GGG, BGO, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, YAG, sapphire, fluorides, etc...). They are fully computerized to give optimum control of the growth process, maximum yield and require minimum supervision. The progress of crystal growth can be continuously monitored in real time thanks to a complete lay out of the different key parameters and of corresponding target data of the program. As the result of a careful electronic and mechanical design and an original signal processing technique, the process loop control is highly stable. These unique features help to produce well controlled, dislocation free single crystals.

Middle frequency Hüttinger, (10 kHz range) solid state power generators are used for maximum crucible life expectancy and reliability.
The customer thermal set up, which includes insulation and the crucible, fits inside a middle frequency induction coil.

IIt is housed in a wide stainless steel water cooled double wall chamber which does not introduce any reasonable limit to the diameter of crystals that can be grown.  

Growth chambers can be proposed in many different sizes and/or topologies :
vertical axis, front door opening,
vertical axis, opening along an equatorial plane,
vertical axis, top lid opening,
horizontal axis, front door opening.

They are water cooled and equipped with quartz window view ports (one standard, more on request).

They can be pumped down to 10-6 torr. We propose clean turbo molecular vacuum station for optimum speed and efficiency.
They can also be equipped with normal ball flow meters or more precise mass flow controllers. Under frames are very stable and vibration free. But if a very low vibration level is necessary, they can be equipped with dampers.

These machines are equipped with outstanding direct drive translation, rotation units and highly sensitive weighing devices. The quality of these elements makes the Cyberstar machines unique with specifications not yet matched by any of our competitors. These elements are shown in the Building blocks section.


This software is exceptional among crystal growth machines, because it is able to control automatically and in real time the growth of the crystal starting from dipping, the very beginning of a growth run, until the crystal cooling.

This software includes an automatic diameter control using the derivative of the weight. The setpoint is computed in real time during the crystal growth from the given parameters (shape and growth speed). The estimated growth rate (computed from the weight measurements) and the setpoint are sent to a digital controller driving the middle frequency power generator. This software succeeds in controlling growth rates in the range of 0.1 g/h to several hundreds g/h.

As the level of the melt decreases during crystal growth, the crystal translation speed is continuously corrected in order to keep the growth speed (mm/h) constant. If a crucible lift system is installed, the crucible is moved upwards to adjust the solid liquid interface position inside the coil.

This software is also very versatile with its user friendly Windows interface.

This software is designed to bring maximum interaction between the operator and the computer. The operator has always the priority and can take the manual control of the crystal growth at any stage and then returns to the full automatic control.

Thanks to the auto-diagnosis/failure analysis module included in the software, every part of the equipment can be carefully tested.

All parameters (crucible diameter, solid and liquid density, crystal shape, growth speed, rotation speed, cooling duration, etc...) needed to perform a crystal growth run are stored in a database. Acquired data during a growth are also stored in the same database. Later these data can be processed, displayed and printed by most popular spreadsheets.



Oxypuller 20-05 industrial puller
Parc Sud Galaxie
1, rue des Tropiques - BP 344
38435 ECHIROLLES Cedex - France
Oxypuller 05 - 03 research and development puller
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